Can You Wear Makeup After A Facial?

Curious about wearing makeup after a facial? Malak Skincare spills the secrets! Discover if it's safe and how to enhance your post-facial glow. ??

While specific spa and skin treatments can be applied personally at home, nothing compares to the steady hand of a skin professional looking out for you. These highly experienced estheticians or skincare professionals understand your particular skincare needs, treating your skin like theirs. They get the ball rolling by opening a skin analysis. This way, they know what your skin environment requires and how to remove impurities, cleanse, exfoliate, and protect your most precious organ. These helpful experts use many high-end products designed to get the best from your skin. When you’re glowing, you’ll know who to thank. That said, it’s natural to have questions about this process; for example; can you wear makeup after a facial? Is there a recovery process, or can we move into our day-to-day tasks right after treatment? In this post, we’ll aim to answer those questions and point you in the right direction as a result:


wear makeup after a facial

Yes, this is more than possible; however, most skin care professionals will recommend resting your skin, especially after more applied treatments. For example, exfoliation (removal of surface debris using simple scrubs and sometimes skin-friendly chemical solutions) may leave your skin feeling a little sensitive after treatment. It’s generally a good idea to wait a few hours after your treatment before applying makeup. This will allow your skin to relax and return to its pre-facial condition, only this time cleaner and benefiting from the supportive, nourishing lotions used.


Does the type of makeup I wear matter?

Your makeup product rotation may be defined by various factors, from foundation matching your particular skin tone to a blusher that you enjoy wearing. After all, makeup isn’t a chore but a fun part of your beauty routine. Makeup can indeed cause skin issues if you’re not careful. We’d recommend using non-comedogenic products that are much less likely to cause breakouts because they’ve been designed to avoid blocking your pores. On top of that, using makeup products for those with particular sensitivity needs can be helpful. Use a primer to moisturize your base, and you’ll have less chance of irritating that sensitive skin for now. Of course, you should always listen to any specific advice from your skincare professional. They know best, and they’ll know what products to avoid.

As you become more experienced with self-care and skin treatments, you’ll gain familiarity with your skin’s characteristics and how to best care for it.


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