Gentlemen’s Facial Arlington VA

About Gentlemen's Facial

As a man, you may think that skincare and facial service is only for the ladies. Likewise, women may think men’s skincare services are something other than what their men need. But with the skin being the most significant human organ and our faces the first thing people see of us, gentlemen’s skincare services are vital. Gentlemen’s facials Arlington VA are among Malak Skincare’s specialties. We offer science-based beauty treatments, including a facial service for men to improve the health and appearance of your skin dramatically. Malak Skincare is a full-service clinic built on years of experience in medical dermatology.

We assess your skin type and any issues you have. We use oxygenated steam cleaning to clean grease and dirt blocking the pores and light exfoliation. We apply a mask specific to your skin type and condition, massage your face, neck, and shoulders to relax them and work in rejuvenating creams.

Benefits of Gentlemen's Facial Arlington VA

Gentlemen’s skincare addresses various skin health issues and takes years off your appearance by revitalizing your facial skin. As a result, you will also feel younger, with more supple and elastic skin. Moreover, men’s skincare services delay the effects of aging on your face. Here are the many benefits of having a regular gentlemen’s facial service:

  • Alleviate razor burn and razor bumps
  • Reduce the likelihood of developing ingrown hairs
  • Protect and moisten your skin, slowing down its aging
  • Undo damage caused by sun exposure and help prevent it
  • Extract blackheads safely without making the problem worse
  • Reduce the chance of acne continuing unabated
  • Slow down the development of wrinkles so that you look younger

The “Gentlemen’s Facial” in Arlington VA is a tailored skincare treatment designed specifically to address the skincare needs of men, promoting a refreshed and rejuvenated complexion.


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