About Enhancement

Are you looking to wake up looking flawless? Look no further than our enhancement treatment. Malak Skincare is a specialist in the semi-permanent makeup field. You can sleep the alarm knowing your liner, lips, brows, and lashes are already done and ready to go. This facial service involves temporary tattoos to maintain your favorite made-up look.

Enhancement in Arlington, VA, is quick, easy, and effective. There’s a host of options available, from brows to freckles, to ensure you always look party-ready.

Benefits of Enhancement

There are numerous benefits to having semi-permanent makeup. Whatever your reason, you want to save time and look great at all times – right? Here’s how it’s done:
  • Saves your time. It can be a rush to get ready in the morning. Now you can jump out of bed and dash straight out the door, knowing you look. professional and beautiful without the daily effort of maintenance. You’ll also save time at night as you don’t need to go through the removal process.
  • Lasts a long time. Investing in enhancement can last one to five years on the skin – this means it will last all day and all night on your body for up to five years
  • Protects your skin. Our enhancement experts advise that your skin faces less damage due to not rubbing and pulling at clumped or running makeup.
One of the most significant advantages is that it looks brilliant, even if you play sports or love to party!

Our Main Treatments

Deluxe Hydrafacial

Non-invasive and highly customizable skin resurfacing to restore skin's natural glow, remove age spots and fine lines.

Pro Chemical Peel

Acidic solution applied to the face to reduce acne stars, remove acne symptoms and slow down the aging process.

Permanent Makeup

Provides a long-lasting natural looking solution that enhances sparse or uneven eyebrows and thinning eyelashes.

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