The Chemical Peel Process: Day By Day

Transform Your Skin Day by Day! Experience the Magical Chemical Peel Process at Malak Skincare. Discover Your New Radiant Glow!

Over time, skincare professionals have become adept at designing treatments focused on cleaning, supporting, strengthening, and rejuvenating your skin. Simply put, they’ve become pretty darn great at helping you glow. Some of these treatments are simple. A light exfoliating scrub, a careful application of moisturizing lotion, and a sale of a high-quality sunblock product can be enough to tide many people over. Some people, though, require a little more focus and attention. That’s what we give. chemical peel process day by day is our topic today.

You may have heard of the chemical peel exfoliation process but aren’t entirely sure what that means. Indeed treating your skin with chemicals isn’t that great of an idea. The chemical peel process, day-by-day, is an intensive but deeply rejuvenating exfoliating treatment that uses skin-friendly chemicals to remove impurities very effectively. As this process can take several days, it’s essential to be clear about what to expect. Luckily, we’ll never dare to treat an uninformed or confused client, so you’re in the right place. 

Settle in, and let’s settle any questions you have. In this post, we’ll lay out the chemical peel process daily.


Day 1: Consultation & Prep

Our skincare professionals must perform a skin analysis and discuss your particular goals for skincare first and foremost. Nothing happens without that. This way, we can mutually agree upon a particular strength of chemical peel best for your skin environment. It always begins with your consent. From there, we’ll ask you to avoid certain skincare products or treatments before you undergo the chemical peel treatment. It’s also essential to inform us of any medications you take that may affect your skin, so we can appropriately adjust the treatment or recommend another. Safety always comes first.


Day 2: Application

Once our consultation is over, you may book a time for the appointment. 

Our chemical peel solution will be applied gently and comprehensively to your skin. This will first involve cleansing to remove dirt, oil, or makeup. From there, we’ll use a protective barrier such as a moisturizing primer or petroleum jelly. Then the chemical solution is applied carefully with a suitable tool, avoiding nostrils, eyes, and other sensitive areas. We’ll make sure to monitor your skin’s reaction the entire way.


Day 3-7: Recovery & Peeling

Feeling a minor swelling and very mild discomfort under the peel mask as your skin is treated is natural. With appropriate aftercare, this is nothing to worry about.  Your skin peeling is a sign that it has been deeply exfoliated. It’s essential to avoid artificially peeling or flaking the skin with your fingernails, as this can expose your sensitive skin to dirt.  As your skin regenerates, you may notice slight changes to its color or texture; this is temporary and expected as the skin heals. Our skincare professionals will be able to help you with specific rejuvenating products to use to ensure appropriate nourishment.


Day 8: Evaluation

It can take up to or over a week for your skin to heal completely. Here you’ll notice a marked improvement in your skin’s clarity and health. Our skincare professional will meet with you to determine the full scope of your healing process. They will also support you with long-term care to ensure your skincare routine is primed from here on out. While this timeline is a general estimate, it provides an average most people can expect to follow.

With skincare treatments from Malak Skincare, you will surely enjoy the best possible chemical peel process. Contact our friendly team today to set up a no-fee consultation.